Cloud Compute

From cost-effective Shared CPU for startups to the customizable power and performance of Dedicated CPU and Bare Metal, we offer the perfect infrastructure solution to ignite your digital success. Explore our options and unlock your business's full potential.

Shared CPU:

  • Fast & Affordable: Get started quickly with global deployment, powerful CPUs, and budget-friendly pricing.

  • Easy to Use: Manage your infrastructure effortlessly with a user-friendly control panel and pre-installed applications.

  • Secure & Reliable: Benefit from automatic backups, firewalls, and a robust platform with guaranteed uptime.

Dedicated CPU:

  • Flexible Options: Choose from various configurations to suit your specific needs, from general-purpose to CPU, memory, or storage optimized.

  • Scalability & Performance: Scale your resources up or down easily and enjoy top-tier performance with NVMe SSD storage.

  • Global & Secure: Deploy instances worldwide and manage them with ease using the intuitive control panel.

Bare Metal:

  • Transparent Pricing: Pay hourly, monthly, or with long-term discounts. Choose optional GPUs at a clear per-card rate.

  • Top-Tier Hardware: Select from powerful CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs for demanding workloads.

  • Unmatched Control & Performance: Enjoy dedicated resources, full server access, and high-speed networking for maximum performance and control.

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