Cloud GPU

DCI empowers everyone to access the latest AI and graphics technologies, unlocking new possibilities for your projects. Supercharge your AI and graphics applications with DCI's cloud-based GPUs.

Choose from a range of powerful options:

  • NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper: Ideal for complex problems, offering 10x faster performance for massive datasets.

  • NVIDIA HGX H100: Perfect for AI, simulation, and data analytics, providing 30x faster AI inference and reduced compute costs.

  • Virtualized A100: DCI makes powerful AI accessible with affordable virtual A100 GPUs for tasks like NLP, voice recognition, and computer vision.

  • NVIDIA L40S: The newest L40S delivers unmatched performance for diverse workloads like large language models, graphics rendering, and video applications.

  • Virtualized A40: Accelerate VFX projects with smooth 3D visualizations and affordable virtual workstations using A40 GPUs.

  • NVIDIA A16: Get high-performance, low-latency virtual desktops with secure access and flexible deployment options.

Benefits of DCI Cloud GPUs:

  • Global Availability: Deploy GPUs close to your data and users for low latency.

  • Fast Provisioning: Easily set up GPUs with integrated tools and pre-configured software.

  • Cost-Effective Options: Choose from various pricing models to fit your needs.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Enjoy robust security features for safe access and data protection.

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