The DCI platform is powered by the $DCI token, a native utility token that plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. The tokenomics of $DCI are designed to incentivize long-term holding, support platform development, and deflationary mechanism to enhance project’s longevity and health.

Token Distribution:

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000 $DCI

  • DEX LP (Uniswap): 84%

  • CEX: 8%

  • Advisors and Partnership: 8%


To ensure sustainable development and long-term growth, the DCI platform implements a buy and sell tax on all $DCI transactions.

  • Buy Tax: 5%

  • Sell Tax: 5%

80% of the tax will go toward marketing, development, and project growth.

20% goes back to all holders in the form of reflections. Incentivizing holding without tediousness of staking that can lead to a host of issues.

Deflationary Mechanic:

DCI is committed to gradual and sustained growth. 95% of the profits generated from the platform's fee will go directly toward a “Buyback & Burn” framework. DCI’s pursuit for a deflationary mechanic through a real yield attestation will ensure a continual balance and health of the project. The remaining 5% will go toward development of the platforms.

Token Utility:

  • Project Deployment: Users can use $DCI to deploy projects on the DCI platform, incentivizing the use of the platform and its native token.

  • Governance: $DCI holders will have the ability to participate in platform governance, shaping its future direction and development.

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